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As individuals, we each have different needs and wants.  I like to hear what you perceive as your specific challenges and then I am able to ask questions to help find more clarity around things. I'll simply share with you my perception of how I can best help support the shifts that you're ready to make, coming from a very holistic angle.  I look at each person as a whole. 


The best way for us to move forward is to get to know each other so I can help you develop your plan towards success


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This consultation will last about 15-20 minutes. I create a safe space immediately, as I get to know you and your personal needs and goals.  Based on those needs, I can create a plan of how I can help you personally and give you a quote so you can decide if we make a good fit for your future. This can be a video call, a phone call, or in person. Whatever makes you feel comfortable.


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We then create a schedule based on the scope of work discussed, as we move forward together peeling away what is NOT working for you.  Instead, we can find ease and flow as you discover how your unique voice can show up for you in a freer, more authentic and empowered way.

I offer in person and virtual learning via things like

Zoom, Marco Polo app, and FaceTime.

Leslie Garbis

Services Provided

Here is an example of some of the services I provide:

For Individual Clients



Voice Liberator

Holistic Voice Lessons

Performance Coaching

Connecting to your Song

Women’s Retreats

Throat Chakra Empowerment

Community Song Circles

Pilates Instruction

Access to my network of healing practitioners

I offer in person and virtual learning via things like Zoom, Marco Polo app, and FaceTime.

For Organizers​



Vocal Workshops and Masterclasses

Adjudication of Auditions/Competitions

Holistic Voice Workshops

Coordinating Women’s Retreats

Throat Chakra Workshops

Community Song Circles

Chant and Song Writing

Pilates Instruction
Booth Space
Event Co-coordinator

Leslie Garbis

Are you in right relationship with your voice?  With your sound?  Are you manipulating your sound instead of understanding the release that is needed to connect to your REAL voice.....the voice that is produced with much more ease? There is ideally a deep sense of grounding and freedom in this discovery process.

Let's explore together!

Grounding Exercise
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