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My aim is to help you with whatever you perceive to be your biggest challenge immediately (breath support, vocal strain, connecting with ease to the upper register, etc…). I can help you with clarity around what you are experiencing, even if you only know that things are not “feeling right” with your voice. You will walk away with tools and a sense of relief after one lesson.

What do I mean by a holistic mind/body/voice lesson, and what could it look like? Addressing you as a whole person is integral. The voice is the only instrument that lives inside the body. Thusly, it is affected by many variables in life. I use my intuition to address your unique needs. From somatic work to Pilates based posture and alignment support to meditation and mindfulness around singing, and much more, I am able to tune into what needs to be cultivated and what needs to be released. 

An important part of these sessions is to be willing to let go of old habits (both mental and physical) that are not serving you or your voice. I also ask my clients to be willing to fall in love with the voice they were born with, while at the same time, opening and strengthening the instrument. All of this is of course combined with typical voice lesson elements as well.


Even though I am confident about the support I give in every session, and my process tends to move quickly, I do not allow one off lessons. Would you walk away with tools and awarenesses after one lesson? Yes. However, I'd like to see you make more of a commitment to the unfolding and the growth and the new ways of singing and being with your voice. This takes some time, so I am offering a package of 2 sessions for $300 and this price includes two Marco Polo (free video app) video check ins with me outside of those lessons to help with continuity.

*If you need a two payment option, do not hesitate to reach out to inquire*

Pkg. of 2 Holistic Mind/Body/Voice Lessons (lesson time 1 HR)

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