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The gratification of the people I'm honored to work with; Priceless!


"...she helped me hit a high note perfectly on pitch..."
- Sheridan G -

Danielle Santilli_edited_edited.jpg

Danielle Santilli
Singer | Songwriter @daniellesantilli

"Leslie is one of the best voice teachers I’ve ever had! She’s a great communicator and really makes singing simple and easy to understand. After only a few lessons with her, I felt that the vocal issues I once had were gone. She gave me the right tools I needed to improve and be able to feel confident on my own! I would recommend her to anyone from beginners to advanced singers :)"

Alyssa Hanson_edited.jpg

Alyssa Hanson
Singer | Songwriter | Pianist

"Leslie has been so amazing to work with! She’s a true expert at her craft. She quickly diagnoses trouble spots and has been able to knowledgeably speak to any issues I bring to her.  From teaching me how to sing more efficiently and healthily, to showing me how to go about writing a solid setlist, to helping me establish daily life habits that keep my voice (and the rest of me!) in a good place, Leslie has truly been incredible!"


"Leslie Garbis is a friggin Vocal Seer. I came to her with a vague feeling that something was wrong with my singing technique, and she had me aware of the spot I was tensing up in about 2 minutes. Then she helped me fix it in 5 minutes. I've never had such a quick and easy breakthrough with anything...where were you five years ago? Thank you Leslie!!!"

Will Padgett
Composer | Pianist | Producer

John Gallo
Guitarist | Background Vocalist

Alexandria Naples.jpg

Alexandra Fields
Lead Singer of  WillowHillMusic

Leslie has truly been the most powerful influence in my musical growth and career. Her unique approach was exactly what I needed, and fit me and my lifestyle perfectly. Music is so connected to the soul, to our hearts, that it's more than just hitting the right notes and proper technique of singing. Not only is she the single most talented and technical coach I've ever had, the holistic and spiritual aspects of her teaching have helped me achieve the balance, peace and power within myself that truly helped me find my voice as an artist.

Alyssa Lazar_edited.jpg

Alyssa Lazar
Alyssa Lazar

"I began taking classical voice lessons with Leslie Garbis having never been formally trained in singing. Honestly, I began my lessons with her at the start of my freshman year in college slightly intimidated by the idea of being trained by a classical instructor and needing to sing that specific style of music for a professional like her. Although she most DEFINITELY put me to work (especially in the first few months), I quickly discovered that Leslie’s understanding of both music AND people would lead her to be one of the greatest support systems I’ve experienced within my music career.  The best thing about taking lessons with Leslie is that she takes her students and their experiences to heart. As a well versed musician in both commercial and classical music, understands her students and their different musical paths. She is a professor who truly cares about the people she teaches and their musical progress. Whether it is involving vocal health, overall health that affects her students performance, or a student’s particular vocal quirks/ issues, Leslie was always up to date on what was happening, and made sure to continue to tune in to the issue until it was resolved. For instance, I had been singing 3 hour sets biweekly for the past few years (and before beginning lessons), and although I felt confident in my voice, I would definitely experience the typical vocal strain. As an extremely professional and experienced musician and instructor, Leslie would catch on to the issues even before I could myself. She completely changed my method of breathing in performing, which is so extremely important. She knows her students and the specificities of their voices to the point where she would assign me breathing/ pronunciation exercises crafted specifically for me and my voice. Leslie balances her hard-ass instructor ways with her loving and caring nature in the best way possible. To have the support of such a knowledgeable and skilled singer like Leslie is truly irreplaceable, and 100% improved the course of my singing career by an immeasurable amount."


Kristin Clark
Artist | Singer | Songwriter

"I went to Leslie to gain some tools to improve my singing. I had no idea the depths of the gifts I would receive from her. She immediately took me in all many levels - what my body was doing - where I was holding my body funny or in ways that would not aid my desire for a full supported singing voice. She came up with creative imagery to help me understand how to recalibrate my body and vocal placement . She took me in energetically as well- with a deep sensitivity and a joyful enthusiasm for ME- who I was - what my voice has to offer that is unique to me. She made things that had seemed impossible to achieve vocally ...suddenly possible and achievable. As I practiced what she had taught me and felt my voice  beginning to fly free, I realized that Leslie was a teacher in the deepest spiritual sense of the word. Through her extensive knowledge of human physiology as well as her expertise as a singer and voice teacher plus her wisdom and true investment in the well being and growth of her students - a freedom occurs- then a confidence grows. Things that were stuck get unstuck. And when it is your own voice that was stuck the feeling of it becoming free is incredibly profound"


Anastasia Elliot
Artist | Songwriter

"Leslie Garbis is so much more than a vocal coach. I started working with Leslie two years ago after I had vocal surgery and was in the process of trying to relearn how to use my voice. After feeling incredibly discouraged going to every vocal coach in town, I was introduced to Leslie. In our first session, I was in tears because for the first time, someone understood my voice and what I was struggling with. In no time, I was reaching new heights and my voice is now the strongest and most flexible it has ever been. Leslie’s approach is holistic and all encompassing. She looks at who you are as a person, where you are in your life, what is going on with your body and your emotions, and your vocal technique and is able to address each thing with knowledge and ease. She makes singing easy and joyful. I could not recommend her more and I would be lost without her!"

Sheridan Gates 3_edited.jpg

Sheridan Gates
Singer | Songwriter

"Leslie has an incredible ability to ground my voice and my body so that I may sing freely and more effortlessly. During our first lesson together, she helped me hit a high note perfectly on pitch that I had always previously struggled with. She cares deeply for her students and I have so enjoyed every moment together!"


Uri Skakun

"I am a producer/songwriter and a vocalist by default. For the past year, I have been taking private vocal lessons with Leslie. It has been an amazing experience. I came to Leslie with a huge list of issues as a vocalist.  Missing basic vocal techniques such as breathing to incorrect pronunciation etc... Leslie has been diligent in addressing all my issues with patience, a steady hand and deep knowledge of her craft.

As a recording vocalist I went through too many frustrating sessions. In less then a year, Leslie has been the main influence in changing my approach, preparation and the process of recording vocals. I can't thank her enough for helping me find love in being a vocalist."


Paulina Jayne
Urban Country Artist | Songwriter

“ Working with Leslie has been nothing short of a holistic experience. I came in to my first appointment thinking I would solely be getting vocal lessons and left with a wealth of knowledge on the full body experience that singing is. Every lesson is unique and tailored to my needs. Sometimes we focus heavily on a new song; every time I learn how to refine my vocal technique; and for the times in between, I have been taught the importance of stress management, mind-body-spirit connection and how to take care of myself to be the most pure vessel I can be for the music to come out.”

Rea Frey

Rea Frey

Best Selling Author

CEO/Founder of:

"I've been on my healing journey for a while, but it wasn't until I did direct work with Leslie--during a women's retreat and in her amazing sacred circles--that I began to feel myself connect, soften, and really open to my own radical truth. Because of our work together, I have shed agendas that no longer serve me, let go of my doingness, and am stepping into my feminine beingness. Leslie Garbis is a true healer, a woman who holds space for other women, and a master community builder. Work with Leslie, and you will change your life." - Rea Frey, bestselling author and CEO and founder of Writeway

Lindsey Kirkendall

Lindsey Kirkendall
Music Business Consultant | Artist Coach | Vocalist

"Leslie has an intuitive gift that I've never experienced before in any other vocal coach I've encountered. She has a tremendous gift of making her students feel safe, seen and understood. She also has a profound ability to intuit not only what the student needs to connect deeply to the song, but also what the song needs to connect to the audience through the vocalist. Working with Leslie has always been a joy and I've always walked away learning so much about myself; not just as a vocalist, but also as a woman. I've also had the pleasure of co-facilitating artist retreats with Leslie and to say she has a gift for programming is an is just another area where I've been able to witness her intuitive abilities come to life. She just has a keen ability to read a situation and just know what is necessary to provide artists in any capacity: be it supporting them in learning how to connect more deeply to their instrument or providing them with a container for creative and self exploration. I'm grateful to not only know Leslie as an educator, co-faciltator, but also friend."

Gracie Calvaneso

Gracie Calvaneso
Pop Artist, Songwriter, Vocal Coach

"Leslie is, without a doubt, the most knowledgeable, loving, supportive teacher I have ever had the joy of working with. She not only helps me to better my singing technique, but she's encouraged and supported me in growing into the best version of myself and owning and embracing all that I am. She has nurtured me as I have gone through change with my voice and life, and she's been there every step of the way. With Leslie's support, guidance, and knowledge, I have blossomed into a happier version of myself. I have become a better singer, songwriter, vocal coach, and person since I have been working with her.


Leslie has a huge wealth of knowledge around the voice, vocal pedagogy, vocal health, and vocal technique, in addition to Pilates, bodywork, energy work, spirituality, mindfulness, and psychology. She has a community of like-minded friends in the fields of energy healing, bodywork, breath work, reiki, and so much more. Through Leslie and her community, I have a huge support system, with Leslie at the center of it all. 


Leslie stands strong in her own power so you can stand firmly in yours. She is so incredibly self-aware and powerful in her essence. Through her view of singing as healing, she has helped me to own my songs and my individuality through my voice and music. I am entering into a new phase of life in which I am working for myself and stepping into the artist, songwriter, and vocal coach that I've always wanted to be... and I could not have done it without Leslie and her support. She is not only my vocal coach- she is my friend, role model, cheerleader, spiritual mentor, life coach, and so much more."

Lissa Hanner

Lissa Hanner

Folk Singer | Songwriter

"I have been taking voice lessons from Leslie Garbis for the last few months.  Leslie looks at the singer as a whole, making suggestions and offering tools to fit that particular artists goals. She is easy to talk to and explains things clearly. I have seen a lot of improvement in my stamina and confidence since working with Leslie. I am grateful to have someone who takes my singing as seriously as I do!"

Alissa Moreno_edited_edited.jpg

Alissa Moreno
Singer Songwriter

"Leslie has worked with me several times over the years.  I started with her when I had to tour and had laryngitis- she gave me the solution in ONE LESSON!  I knew she was the teacher for me (and many singers I've met) and I have worked with her on performance, blending, harmonies and technique.  She brings so much to the table and approaches her students holistically and individually with knowledge, wisdom and experience."

Monte Mader

Monte Mader

"I came to Leslie with a vocal injury that had me worried I was never going to be able to sing again. My confidence was shot, I was discouraged and my fear of being hurt had created new and intense stage fright. Leslie helped me address technique, but also my biggest hurdle which was what was going on with me emotionally. Since overcoming that, I am now the strongest vocally and emotionally I’ve ever been. Working with Leslie has transformed my voice and performance completely."

Alissa Griffith

Alissa Griffith
Recording Artist | Singer | Songwriter
Alissa Griffith

"Working with Leslie is truly something magical! She finds exactly what the root of the issue is, and helps you break through it with tips, tricks, and ease. My time with her is always the best part of my day; love working with Leslie!"

Dustin Kirkendall_edited.jpg

Dustin Kirkendall
Founder and CEO of:

"Working with Leslie was a revelation. It was my first vocal training ever so I was completely new to the methods of proper vocal exercises / regiments. She was so fun and energetic and never let me feel intimidated or overwhelmed. I took her advice and training into my next vocal session and I did things with my voice I’ve never done in my life and always wanted to do. This training is worth every penny and I would recommend it to anyone who sings or uses their voice on a regular basis for their career. Thanks Leslie!!!"

Sarah Clanton

Sarah Clanton
Singer Songwriter

"I have loved attending Leslies retreats, Leslie was born for this! Her magical presence and kind heart offer an incredibly safe and warm container to come just be, restore and reconnect with ourselves and others. Can't wait to go to Leslie's next event!"

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