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Welcome to your vocal freedom journey!

A Bit About Me

Leslie Piano

My Process

This process asks that you be vulnerable. It is key to intentionally release the thoughts and habits that do not serve you.

Singing and speaking are not meant to be painful or so full of effort.

Singing is your birthright.
Singing is a joyful expression of your unique essence. Let’s explore how to more deeply connect to your instrument.
It is my joy to help you free your voice.
Singing is Healing.

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Leslie Garbis


My mom says that I was singing pretty much before I was talking.  I have always sung.  As soon as choir was an option in school, I was involved. Choirs led to musicals, cabaret and operas, studio work, and other cool singing stuff, as I chose to make singing my pursuit in college, and my profession. I even had the opportunity to perform on a cruise ship, which is where I met my husband.

Along the way though, I started taking some singing students to help pay the bills and found out that I am a teacher through and through.  This world opened up for me more and more, and I found satisfaction in helping others, while I was also continuing to sing and perform.

I also recall from a very young age that I was that friend who everyone wants to go to for advice and support. I guess you could say I am a good listener (better now, in my 50’s), and that I am sensitive to others and what they are dealing with. When I think of it, I have always had a way of sort of knowing how to best be of service with the words I choose to use, and the actions I take to help others. I create a space that inspires feeling safe, seen and heard.

If you were to ask me what I “geek out” about, it would be the holistic wellness field.  For many years I have passionately delved into my own studies and personal healing through bodywork modalities, herbal remedies, essential oils, energy work, meditation, and more. Bringing this sort of knowledge to my clients, I am able to recommend all sorts of helpful natural aids to then empower them to look into themselves.  Also, being well connected with practitioners in the fields of healing, I can intuitively and successfully refer vocal clients for further help when needed.

All of the above, and other gifts and skills that I have honed over the years, equates to my Singing is Healing business that encompasses all that I do, and who I am. It is my belief that singing is healing to each individual, and to others, and that discovering the truest version of your voice is a healing process in and of itself.  I am incredibly honored to help guide and support others on their path of singing and healing.

Leslie Zen


Leslie Garbis is a respected vocal teacher with more than 25 years experience working with singers and voice professionals. She has sung professionally both on the stage and in the studio. While her two degrees are in Classical Vocal Performance (Belmont University, BM; University of Miami, MM), Leslie has always been a fan of singing in many different styles.


Mrs. Garbis has taught at numerous conservatories and universities: University of Miami, New World School of the Arts, Barry University, AMDA (New York City). Most recently, she was an adjunct faculty member for 7 years teaching private voice at the Belmont University School of Music in Nashville, TN, where she  currently resides.


She now wishes to focus on her private voice studio, where she is fully free to incorporate all of her holistic methods and tools with her clients.

Leslie is also a certified mat Pilates instructor. She did her training with All American Pilates in South Florida, and with Polestar Pilates in New York City. She taught at Erika Bloom Pilates and at several Physical Therapy locations on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, as well as in her own studio in her apartment in the Bronx. Later, after leaving NYC, she taught at a boutique Pilates studio in Hollywood, FL. She loves incorporating Pilates principles in her teachings.

A current passion keeping Leslie busy is her songwriting. She gravitates towards writing simple chants for healing and for sharing in song circles, workshops and retreats. Leslie formed a musical duo called Enchant Yourself with her friend and talented singer/songwriter/cellist, Sarah Clanton. Enchant Yourself weaves their musical spells in the recent release of their first EP, THE HEALING WATERS EXPERIENCE, available NOW on all streaming platforms.

You can also find Leslie creating, collaborating and facilitating workshops, retreats and song circles in the Nashville area and beyond. She absolutely loves connecting people to each other and a deeper knowing and expansion of themselves through music and community offerings.


She lives in Nashville with her amazing husband, son, dog, and chickens. Part-time homeschooling
her son Evan is also an integral part of Leslie’s life as a mom. Some of her other interests are herbalism, cooking, fermentation, Wim Hof breathwork, cold plunges, saunas, crafting, swimming, gratitude, holistic wellness, Chinese medicine, boating, communing with trees, spiritual teachings, sitting in Sacred Sister Circle, hiking to waterfalls, finding magic in every day, laughing loudly, connecting to nature, reading, dancing, and consistently growing as a human.

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