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I love the work I do guiding others to liberate their voices and expand.

Elizabeth D

Elizabeth M. DeVaughn

Conscious Relationship

Trauma Psychotherapist & Coach

"my voice is so much more clear and powerful."

Anastasia Elliot
Vocal Surgery

Anastasia Elliot
Artist | Songwriter

"I had vocal surgery and was in the process of trying to relearn how to use my voice"

Leslie and student
Vocal Confidence

Marioly V.
 London England

"Leslie held a safe space for me to start opening my voice."

Retreat Healing

Rea Frey
Best Selling Author, Writer

"Leslie Garbis is a true healer, a woman who holds space for other women"

Oracle Cards

Deborah Conquest
Owner / Operator

“I am so thrilled to add the “singing is healing oracle deck” to my weekly lessons.“

Alexandria Naples
Soul Vocal

Alexandra Fields
Lead Singer of

"Leslie has truly been the most powerful influence in my musical growth and career."

gracie calvaneso
Oracle Cards

Gracie Calvensco
Pop Artist| Songwriter | Vocal

"I love using the Singing Is Healing cards for both myself and my voice students!"


Monte Mader
Singer/Songwriter in Nashville

“The tincture helped me feel relaxed and excited more than anxious and edgy”

Sarah Eitel

Sarah Eitel
Singer and Guitarist

"I really enjoy the tincture. I notice the soothing effects after a few minutes."

Alyssa Hanson
Sing Efficiently

Alyssa Hanson
Singer | Songwriter | Pianist

"Leslie quickly diagnoses trouble spots and speaks to any issues I bring to her."

Danielle Santilli
Sing Confidently

Danielle Santilli
Singer | Songwriter

"Leslie is one of the best voice teachers I’ve ever had!"

Alyssa Lazar
Alyssa Lazar

Alyssa Lazar

"She is a professor who truly cares about the people she teaches and their musical progress."

Sing Comfortably

Will Padgett
Composer | Pianist | Producer

"Leslie Garbis is a friggin Vocal Seer. "

Alissa Griffith

Alissa Griffith
Recording Artist/Singer/Songwriter
lissa Griffith

"Working with Leslie is truly something magical!"

Oracle Deck

Kristin Clark
Artist | Singer | Songwriter

"This [Oracle] deck is such a direct line to spirit."

Sheridan Gates

Sheridan Gates
Singer / Songwriter

"Leslie has an incredible ability to ground my voice and my body."

Alissa Moreno

Alissa Moreno
Singer / Songwriter

"I had to tour and had laryngitis- she gave me the solution in ONE LESSON!"


Paulina Jayne
Urban Country Artist | Songwriter

“ Working with Leslie has been nothing short of a holistic experience.”

J Smith
Oracle cards

Jessica Smith

"When I received the cards, it really helped me shift my perspective."

Lindsey Kirkendall
Music Business Consultant/Artist/Vocalist

Lindsey Kirkendall

"Leslie has an intuitive gift I've never experienced in any other vocal coach "

Recording Vocalist

Uri Skakun
Producer / Songwriter / Vocalist

"I have been taking private vocal lessons with Leslie. It has been an amazing experience."

Lissa Hanner
Individual Training

Lissa Hanner
Folk Singer/Songwriter

"Leslie looks at the singer as a whole, making suggestions and offering tools that fit artists goals."

Dustin Kirkendall

Dustin Kirkendall
Founder and CEO of:

"Working with Leslie was so fun and energetic and never let me feel intimidated or overwhelmed."

Sarah Clanton

Sarah Clanton
Singer Songwriter

"Her magical presence and kind heart offer an incredibly safe and warm container to come just be and restore" 

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