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With 5 packed sessions over 3-5 weeks and one-on-one custom personal time, Deep Dive your way into vocal healing.  


Deep Dive pkg PLUS 2 follow-up sessions at 75 minutes each.



An intensive 5 sessions with Singing is Healing, Instructor, Leslie Garbis, includes recorded guided meditations, holistic wellness support and recommendations, availability to me via Marco Polo or text during our 3-6 weeks together.  Some of the tools I may use: Palo Santo and other smudging items, sound healing via chant, frame drum, singing bowl.  Foam rollers and Pilates/yoga props.  Vibration plate.  Each session will last 75-90 minutes in length, with the possibility of it going a bit longer.  This 3-5 week intensive can happen while meeting once a week for 5 weeks, or once every other week, if that is what you prefer, either in person or via Zoom. You obviously have a better idea of how you like to process learning and receiving new guidance and experience.


There is always wiggle room and spaciousness because I work with a keen sense of intuition as to what each individual needs, and in what sequence, and I always follow that call with great success.  I hold an incredibly grounded and safe space and if you are ready to open and receive the process, things move fairly quickly.  I do have clients I see weekly or bi-weekly or even monthly for years. 

Throat Chakra Deep Dive Plus - 5 sessions total

  • Buy Now and Call to Book

    Start with a Free phone consultation.

    Then, pay online for convenience and contact me either through a phone call, email, or by clicking the link "Let's Chat!" at the bottom right to schedule your first 3 sessions and then your 2 added sessions.

    Pay $800 now and Book all 5 sessions.

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