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Throat Chakra Deep Dive Pkg

3 Sessions at 75-90 minutes each - Connect to your authentic voice!

Service Description

With 3 packed sessions over 3-5 weeks and one-on-one custom personal time, Deep Dive your way into vocal healing. Also, ask about the 5-session Package for a better value at $800 for the whole package! Here's what it could look like: 1st session-    From a very grounded and safe space, I help you connect to the root story of your relationship with your voice…how do the two of you feel about each other and how does that show up in your speaking and singing?  How does it show up in the body? With an element of ceremony, we dive in and start to process through some stuff around this and start to reconnect you to your voice, from your heart. We sing some simple chants and open the breath and the heart. 2nd session-    From a very grounded and safe space, with an element of ceremony, we reflect on any new awarenesses that have come up.  We go deeper into the breath and the belly.  We stay mostly in the power of the lower chakras as we connect this to the voice and do some big vocal release connected to emotions needing to come through. 3rd session-    From a very grounded and safe space, with an element of ceremony, we reflect on any new awarenesses that have come up.  We sing.  We tap into the heart and the joy.  We craft and sing our intentions.  3 week intensive with Singing is Healing, Instructor, Leslie Garbis, includes recorded guided meditations, holistic wellness support and recommendations, availability to me via Marco Polo or text during our 3-6 weeks together. Some of the tools I may use: Palo Santo and other smudging items, sound healing via chant, frame drum, singing bowl. Foam rollers and Pilates/yoga props. Vibration plate. Each session will last 75-90 minutes in length, with the possibility of it going a bit longer. This 3 week intensive can happen while meeting once a week for 3 weeks, or once every other week, if that is what you prefer, either in person or via Zoom. You obviously have a better idea of how you like to process learning and receiving new guidance and experience. There is always wiggle room and spaciousness because I work with a keen sense of intuition as to what each individual needs, and in what sequence, and I always follow that call with great success. I hold an incredibly grounded and safe space and if you are ready to open and receive the process, things move fairly quickly. I do have clients I see weekly or bi-weekly or even monthly for years.

  • 4 hr 30 min
  • 500 US dollars
  • Either on line video or in person

Booking and Cancelation Information

To "Book Now", please call me at the number below or click the "Let's Chat!" button in the lower right corner. To cancel or reschedule, please notify us 24 hours prior to your appointment. There is a no-refund policy within the 24 hours prior to your scheduled timeframe. If your booking needs to be canceled prior to the 24 hours, there will be a 50% refund unless you are rescheduling.

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